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Hence, in directing our discourse to a man of figure, we ought to begin with his name; and one will be sensible of a degradation, when this rule is neglected, as it frequently is for the sake of verse. Hence evidently the preference of the following arrangement,. This order, however, with respect to its close, maintains a superiority over the third and fourth orders: An Hexameter line may consist of seventeen syllables; and when regular and not Spondaic, it never has fewer than thirteen: This task is the more to my taste, as being connected with certain natural principles; and the Edition:
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These preliminaries adjusted, I begin with some general observations, that will save repeating the same thing over and over upon every example. Titus Livius, mentioning a demand made by the people of Enna of the keys from the Roman governor, makes him say,. I shall give one familiar example. That this doctrine holds true as far as melody alone is concerned, will be testified by every good ear. We care about those we serve and we seek to understand their diverse needs and expectations. But the chief pleasure proceeds from having these two concordant emotions combined in perfect harmony, and carried on in the mind to a full close.
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It is the giving different names to the same object, mentioned oftener than once in the same period. But in other instances, declensions not being used in the English language, relations of this kind are commonly expressed by prepositions. But when by inversion the verb is placed first, is it lawful to separate it by a pause from the active substantive? But to make such coincidence essential, would cramp versification too much; and we have experience for our authority, that there may be a pause in the melody where the sense requires none. Willing to sacrifice to the melody of verse, some share of the concordance between thought and expression, we freely excuse the separation of the musical pause from that of the sense, during the course of a line; but the close of an Hexameter line is too conspicuous to admit this liberty: I have observed of late, the style of some great ministers very much to exceed that of any other productions. But after all, so intimately connected are the parts of the thought, that it requires an effort to make a separation even for a moment:
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Every subject must be of importance that tends to unfold the human heart; for what other science is of greater use to human beings? Even so slight a change as to vary the construction in the same period, is unpleasant:. If there be room for a choice, the sooner a circumstance is introduced, the better; because circumstances are proper for that coolness of mind, with which we begin a period as well as a volume: Rhyme necessarily divides verse into couplets; each couplet makes a complete musical period, the parts of which are divided by pauses, and the whole summed up by a Edition: There may be a defect in perspicuity proceeding even from the slightest ambiguity in construction; as where the period commences with a member conceived to be in the nominative case, which afterward is found to be in the accusative. But as this curious subject comes in more properly afterward, it is sufficient at present to appeal to experience, that a period so arranged as to bring out the sense clear, seems always more musical than where the sense is left in any degree doubtful.
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