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In all honesty, you're probably one of the most like-minded people I've met on the Internet. Two weeks to the day after I had slapped Eddie around and broken several bones for him He was out of the hospital and finally managed to come looking for me. As for the rest, they'd make for good discussion, so I wonder why you don't talk about THAT, instead of only responding when you disagree. So relax a moment, then get your notes together to brief your day-shift replacements, please. Nobody ever said the Na'Vi or whatever are Native Americans, only that they find themselves in the exact same situation - the fantasy, technology, CGI, etc, has got absolutely nothing to do with this; it's a bad retort. I do it quite frequently nowadays, I read nothing about a movie beforehand and I avoid the hype machine entirely, so that I can watch a movie with no expectations at all.

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I found it to be powerful and beautiful with a lot of hidden allegory. Corrano collapsed into the arms of a sunburned bald-headed man in jungle fatigues who ran from the bedroom out onto the balcony. I knew that no one else was aware of this place and I was the only one that had a key. Cameron is about execution. Yes I meant to use the word "spitless", good catch though. Your father and I have been in contact with them for many years.

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We are here to help you, you have been chosen. Maybe I'm an evil bastard, but I sorta thought it might interesting, if depressing, if the movie had ended just before the jail scene. She encountered little traffic at this early hour, Washington DC sleeping off its Saturday night excesses on a Memorial Day weekend. Is not having a mental connection to nature advantageous? The Na'vi lifestyle has as many things wrong with it, by being different to us, than what's right about it; these people should be less shallow then again that might be hopeless - maybe think about it a bit harder. I thought the movie was okay.
We're all still here, right? I'd do it in a heartbeat. I went into the cinema full of expectations. Lara Picard, lawyer, mother and lover is on an early morning bike ride when a bee files into her mouth and she is so distracted by this that her bike tumbles over a ledge on the path and she lies there, too stunned to even notice the lights in the sky. We have a scramble from the compound, three jeeps headin'south toward your position. This time, though, he would be dead before he felt it.

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