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It is used as an antacid to treat acid indigestion and heartburn. Sodium bicarbonate is also found in some anti-plaque mouthwash products and toothpaste. Now kiss the tip of his penis. Take this disc and break it in half, placing each piece on both of his nipples. As with everything this is my opinion, take what you will and leave the rest.

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Repeat as many times as you like. Put "Crack Cocaine" rocks into "Coca Cola" can and shake vigorously. Large volumes of simple warm water can be quite effective as well. By swallowing this many tablets, you will soon explode and all of your "love" will be splattered all over everyone at the rave. Turn a chocolate covered cherry upside down and bite off the flat portion. First with the butt plug in you are basically pounding away at the plug as you spank, now this can be interesting in itself, it can lead to sexual frustration that may make the experience more of an adventure.

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GERD may also cause hoarseness, chronic cough, and conditions such as asthma. The last thing you want is for a grieving family to smell their loved one's decaying remains. Also, stay away from Ecstasy. Rinse out the vaginal enviroment with water and introduce an alkali should raise the PH too, no? Drive somewhere where you won't be seen and get her naked, or at least bottomless. You must log in or sign up to reply here.
Seltzer is nearly identical to Club Soda and is often very inexpensive in 1 qt or 2 qt bottles. Raspberry leaves and blackberry helps with diarrhea and other flu like symptoms. I'd recommend an Alka-Seltzer enema for a very interesting sensation. Alkaline pH on the other hand, biochemically speaking, is slow and cool. Hint The addition of a ginger suppository prior to an enema will add quite a bit to the adventure.

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