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That brought out a big painful moan from me and brought tears to my eyes it hurt and burned badly. Again my insides and asshole were on fire as she got up and said that was my punishment for depriving her of seeing Rod cum in my mouth. No, I said I loved her, she smiled then and said well maybe she wanted to crush them to feel them pop in her mouth and if I loved her I shouldn't deny her request. I was stunned at this new revelation. Suddenly Jamie was at the door again, this time with Rod at her side and slightly behind her she had a hold of his impressive cock and was idly stroking the semi ridged shaft, it was a very sexy sight to behold. I did and it wasn't to long and I could feel Rod pull back and Jamie's cervix let him go releasing his cock so he could withdraw it from her over heated pussy. But that was her plan as usual to put me in a position that I couldn't reply to her questions and then she would punish me for not answering her.
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After a particularly load moan groan it got quiet and then Rod was in the doorway, taking a step forward he straddled my head, kneeling he grabbed my hair and pulled my head up to his cock. She didn't have to ask twice I started on her with a vengeance knowing that the sooner I cleaned her up the sooner I'd get my relief. He laughed loudly and asked if I needed changing. If you get bored with the dildo you have now, you can always buy a bigger one ; Congratulations Sissies! Now we can go she said and handed me the lip gloss as we got in her car and she drove, I soon found out where our destination was as she pulled into a tattoo and piercing shop.
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Gwen chimed in that there were no complaints yet and Jamie said good. I could only hope that Rod wouldn't last to long. The bed was a single bed with pink ruffled linen. Rod stripped down without a comment and again I was in awe and shock, I still couldn't believe the size of his cock it looked even bigger than the first time I saw it. The real trick to it is to do it for long sessions, like an hour, or two, longer for experienced edgers. Then in the near future try to get to once a day, with the overall goal being that you can even do it twice a day!
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Ever try and swallow with you mouth open it's a lot harder than it sounds especially when it is full of thick viscous cum, and slide is the right word it's like swallowing a raw egg yolk, only it tasted like cum. Then the shaft deflated leaving me with my asshole spread wide open with a ring of metal and a rush of liquid exited me. Cheryl said I see he's ready for us to start. Ok I'm back, put it up my ass while I bend over to watch, oh yea I heard her say that's good. That is awesome Jamie said, I love to watch as your cock as it disappears up his ass, it gives me chills since I had it just a short while ago I can feel it all over again, just like it was in me. Thanks Amanda she said, I was totally startled as she thanked the waitress for her drink and she asked if I'd gone to the bathroom, Jamie answered oh no he's right here getting me off want to see and she leaned back and lifted the table cloth for Amanda to see me sucking her pussy.
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