War: Not Just a Game for Kids Anymore at Jili Games Casino

You probably played the classic card game War as a kid, dealing out cards and comparing high card to high card against an opponent. Well, at Jili Games Casino, War has made the jump from the playground to the casino floor – with a few grown-up twists.

The basics of casino War are the same as the kids’ version. Each player (and the dealer) is dealt one card face up. Whoever has the higher card wins that war and collects all the cards played that round. Ties are still settled by going to “war” – dealing out three cards face down and one face up, with the player holding the higher face-up fourth card winning the pot.

But this is no amateur affair. The stakes are real money, with betting minimums of $5 and maximums of $1,000 per round. And the casino has added some special rules to extract a house edge from this simple game of chance:

• Players ante to get dealt a card, with bets paid at even money minus a 10% commission to the house on wins. For example, win $10 but only get paid $9.
• Players can opt to go to “war” on a tie by doubling their ante bet. This war wager also has a 10% vig.
• Side bets like Tie bets (predict dealer and player will tie) add extra action.

Don’t let War’s elementary guidelines fool you – there is real strategy involved when playing for money. Optimal play involves gaining a small mathematical edge through card counting and altering bet spread based on the running card composition.

By tracking cards already dealt, sharp players can estimate when the remaining decks hold more high cards or more low cards. Betting more when the deck is rich in high cards gives you a better chance of out-ranking the dealer and minimizing house edge.

Of course, Jili Games enforces countermeasures like periodically shuffling used cards back into new decks, or using a steady stream of new decks to thwart card counting. But with the right betting spread and strategic nous, casino War can be played at close to break-even against the house over the long run.

So head to Jili Games and experience War – a simple kids’ game reworked for adult gamblers seeking a fast, fun game with opportunities for strategic play against the casino. It’s not complicated Blackjack strategy or deep Poker mastery – but if you hone your War battle plan, this revamped classic can offer thrills beyond just settling schoolyard scores.


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